Seven McNair Scholars ready for Spring Commencement

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As 315 graduates participate in commencement exercises on Saturday, seven represent the McNair Scholars program at OLLU. The McNair program was created in honor of Ronald E. McNair, an astronaut-physicist and member of the Challenger crew, in 1986. The program strives to increase the numbers of underrepresented groups in graduate education by providing enriching experiences, support and guidance to program participants.

The following are the Spring 2012 McNair Scholar graduates, their majors and their research topics:

  • Sonia Bernal
    Major: Psychology/Philosophy double major
    McNair research: The role of religion and their community in fulfilling the needs of Catholic religious sisters

  • Ana Flores
    Major: Psychology (dual concentration in pre-counseling and research)
    Minor: Spanish with Biliterate Certificate
    McNair research: A qualitative study of psychology graduate students training as bilingual therapists and working in Spanish-speaking training teams

  • Veronica Garay
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Religious Studies
    McNair research: Does the degree of intolerance of uncertainty influence whether subjects adopt ego-moving or time-moving spatial metaphor of the self when considering a future event

  • Elizabeth Holguin
    Major: Biology/Mathematics double major
    Minor: Chemistry
    McNair research: (1) Exploring a new theory: creating n-PODs with algorithms; (2) Leech parasitism in turtles inhabiting Elmendorf Lake 

  • Jesse Rojas
    Major: Mathematics
    Minor: Spanish
    McNair research: (1) Cyclic sum and different sets; (2) The eternal triangle

  • Flor Salas
    Major: Communication Arts with a track in public relations
    Minor: Business, Biliterate Certificate
    McNair research: Social media as a source of news among college students 

  • Loren Torres
    Major: Biology
    McNair research: Factors affecting the number of days of care for diabetes-related hospital admissions