OLLU partners receive philanthropy awards

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012

 Cal Michelson (left) with his wife Roz Michelson
 and OLLU Board Chair Roy Terracina
Our Lady of the Lake University partners with various individuals and organizations across San Antonio that help the University live its mission and vision. While each partner and donor contributes something special to the University community and the community at large, others go above and beyond in their work. Cal Michelson and Capital One Bank are exemplary examples of people and organizations working to serve the community.

Every year, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) celebrates National Philanthropy Day by honoring its “Partners in Philanthropy,” individuals and organizations that have made great contributions to the community. Cal Michelson was named the 2012 Outstanding Philanthropist and Capital One Bank was named the 2012 Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation.

Michelson, a successful businessman, was asked to join OLLU’s Board of Trustees more than 30 years ago, which began his relationship with the University. To his credit, Michelson led the capital campaign effort to help build OLLU’s new library, which opened in 2000. Additionally, Michelson helped boost giving to the University in the wake of the 2008 fire from $6 million to more than $23 million. He took a pivotal role in writing, calling and motivating Trustees and other donors. The University, grateful for Michelson’s dedication to the University, conferred upon him an Honorary Doctorate in May 2012.

Capital One Bank has been a strong champion of initiatives at OLLU. Capital One has provided monetary grants, scholarship gifts, in-kind contributions, personal physical assistance and major sponsorships, including being the presenting sponsor for “Best of the West,” OLLU’s official Fiesta® event.  

The corporation has also initiated several financial literacy programs that allow students to work at their own pace to grow and develop knowledge that will help them with their financial endeavors.

Capital One also underwrote Main Building’s Dedication in November 2010.

OLLU is appreciative of the contributions made to the University from Cal Michelson and Capital One Bank and congratulates them on their accomplishments.